Nouveau Garden Pendant by Eddie Aurand

Artist Statement: Eddie Aurand

I am a Cal Poly structural engineer soon to be a local science teacher. Before structures, first love was art and design; I also have a Bachelor in Art History from Penn State University. I design jewelry, fused glass art, and glass mosaic furniture.

To get the extreme detail of my silver leaves and twigs I use on my precious metal clay pendants, I brush 8 to 10 layers of Silver Art Clay paste onto each object. Once enough paste layers give the leaf structural strength, I fire off the organics in a kiln. The pieces are arranged to create an original, one-of-a kind sculpture, and are fired one more time.

The pendant is then mounted on a necklace made of silver wire, freshwater pearls, and Swarovski crystals. My knowledge of art history inclines my designs toward a classic, timeless style; but with a fresh and current color palette. My experience as an engineer allows me to explore three dimensional designs that are both comfortable to the wearer, and highly functional.

Gallery Los Olivos